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     The Art Shack

                           Quality art instruction for all ages and abilities                                                                       

color study
Georgia O'Keeffe study in oil and chalk pastel
Birthday painting


People come to The Art Shack for different reasons. Some are children who are developing their art skills. Some are high school students looking for college portfolio development and others are adults who want to strengthen or discover their creativity. Students often shape their own program and enjoy the flexiblity in scheduling. The Art Shack has one-on-one instruction, but we also have husbands and wives, brothers, sisters, best friends and mothers and daughters. The Art Shack is really all about learning something new, challenging yourself, making room for creativity and relieving stress.

I want you to have fun in the process, and also come away with frameworthy artwork. 

$75 per hour at The Art Shack
$85 per hour at the client's home
Price includes matierials



"The Art Shack is truly a magical experience that teaches children a love and appreciation for art, as well as creating lasting friendships and memories. One is transported into a creative universe that lends itself to true expression, and taps into your inner artist. My daughter learns so much from Rowena. Thank you, Rowena, for making this amazing place". 

- Laura D (Parent)

If you would like to schedule an art lesson at The Art Shack, or just say hello, please drop me a line! 

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